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Custom based software solutions for distributors

The possibilities with both the design and development of the platform are limitless. Custom branding, colours, and URL in the front-end combined with dedicated S3 storage and seamless programming in the back-end ensure complete discretion for your users.

They'll never guess Sakib Rafsan Records is behind it all.

The Sakib Rafsan Records team works tirelessly to develop innovative, easy-to-use features that you can incorporate into your White Label deal at a set price.

So whether it is Distribution Tool, Promo Tool, Feature Request, Smart Accounting, Music Link or others, your users reap the benefits of the complete package your platform offers with our support.


Use Sakib Rafsan Records system to manage your own customers

Using our sub-distribution upgrade, you will have a unique opportunity to experience your distribution with your hand-picked music labels and clients. In addition, we provide you with the advanced and innovative software infrastructure and newest tech solutions for an ultimate user experience, including a wide range of innovative features our platform offers that are available for your clients to use.

Your clients get individual access to the platform to distribute their releases with little to no assistance from you, and ​the royalty splits you choose are accounted for automatically. With each user, you will be free to negotiate deals directly and adjust them as both sides see fit. It is everything and more to become a music distributor in one place.

The best thing about our sub-distribution upgrade is that no technical skills are required, as we provide you with an easy-to-use, technologically complex platform for only a fraction of the value. As always, we’re always here to support you every step.

Innovative features

Tech & Client support

Once granted access to our White Label or Sub-Distribution service, we provide full tech and client support from our business operations team and our developers. The setup process is done with your full cooperation to ensure everything is developed according to your wishes.

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