Audio Mastering

Work With Music Differently

The Audio Mastering feature we've brought to the platform enables you to create high-quality mastered songs using the Artificial Intelligence that carefully analyzes the song you've selected for mastering and adjusts the processing of the song-based on the characteristics of the music you've selected.

You're able to choose presets based on the song's genre/sub-genre, intensity (by increasing the level of processing applied to the track), and loudness (by adjusting the level of processing applied to the song), giving you more control over how your music is heard on streaming platforms.

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Pristine sound quality

We've implemented an AI with over 46 000 variations and sophisticated tech that analyzes your song in-depth, bit-by-bit, with tech precision incomparable to any human ear, using the best inputs to provide the finest sound quality, all within the platform. Embedded, high-end, and technologically superior. What's more to say than to give it a shot for yourself?

Key Benefits and Advantages

Our simple, easy-to-use interface combined with high-end technology guarantees an enjoyable journey in music distribution. What sets us apart from the rest is our complete focus on our clients, ensuring your needs are always met as quickly as possible. We’ve built a community of happy and successful musicians and record labels around us by constantly innovating our features and design.