About us?

Sakib Rafsan Records combines a simple platform with powerful technology to provide the best music distribution service available. Our flexible, feature-rich platform allows musicians and music industry professionals of all kinds to get their records out worldwide and start getting paid for them. As the industry trends change and evolve, our services are continuously being updated, improved and broadened.

Behind the scenes in Sakib Rafsan Records, we operate as a close-knit team of industry professionals with the common goal of providing you with the best possible experience.

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Why choose Sakib Rafsan Records?

Sakib Rafsan Records is the solution to all your distribution & promotion needs. Our platform is perfect for Record Labels and Label managers wanting to manage their artists, releases and promotion easily. We also successfully cater to business organizations interested in tailoring their White Label platform or setting off their Sub-Distribution journey with no technical work required.

Our vision

Our goal is to nurture the community of labels and musicians while being the prime provider of key music services.

The focal point of our platform is the success of both artists and record labels.


Which stores does Sakib Rafsan Records to?

Sakib Rafsan Records distributes your content to more than 150 Digital Service Providers across the globe, and the list is constantly expanding. Our most notable stores are Amazon Music, Apple Music, Audible Magic, Beatport, Deezer, Spotify, TikTok, Meta, Traxsource, Soundcloud, and Youtube.

How does Sakib Rafsan Records split my royalties?

Depending on the client and the deal, we offer royalty shares from 80% to 85%. Our record labels receive 80% - 85% of royalty shares. In the case of White Label/Sub-Distribution deals, the percentage is subject to negotiation.

Is Sakib Rafsan Records working directly with Digital Service Providers?

Sakib Rafsan Records prides itself on direct deals with the most prominent stores. That means there is no “middle-man” between your music and the stores - and no hidden costs. Additionally, our close relationships with the people behind these stores mean your music will get the best conditions once it hits the stores.

Can Sakib Rafsan Records protect and monetize my content on YouTube?

Absolutely! Sakib Rafsan Records is a part of the Youtube Content ID network. This way, we can automatically claim the matching video on your behalf to either monetize your music or block others from using it - depending on your specified match policy. In other words, if you upload a video on YouTube, including a track distributed by us and get a copyright notice, we've delivered your music to YouTube successfully, and your track is automatically recognized and monetized.

Can I switch to Sakib Rafsan Records from another distributor?

You can switch to Sakib Rafsan Records immediately if you are free from the previous distributor's contract. Otherwise, you can change either if your contract has expired, if you are not under an exclusive contract with your current distributor, or if you gain permission from your current distributor to terminate your contract ahead of time. Onboarding existing labels usually takes 2 working days; after switching, your follower and play counts on the stores remain the same.

Does Sakib Rafsan Records provide the option to master my tracks?

We sure do! The in-platform Audio Mastering feature enables you to create high-quality mastered tracks using the Audio Mastering API. It carefully analyzes the track you've chosen for mastering, and adjusts the processing of the track based on the characteristics of the music you've selected. As a result, you'll be able to get professionally made mastering, for a fraction of the price. All within the Sakib Rafsan Records platform.

When does Sakib Rafsan Records provide financial reports?

Sakib Rafsan Records automatically provides monthly financial statements through our technologically advanced, intuitive and easy-to-use digital platform - we make it easy to see how your music is performing and track your success. Additionally, an automated email is dispatched to your provided email address upon accounting, so you never miss a statement.

When does Sakib Rafsan Records provide payments?

Sakib Rafsan Records provides monthly payments, regardless of how much you made that month. In addition, there is no minimum payout threshold, and to make sure that you're compensated for your hard work quickly and easily, we also provide a state-of-the-art invoice system, where you can generate an invoice after receiving the statement - almost immediately.

Is there a minimum payment threshold?

With Sakib Rafsan Records, there is no minimum payment threshold. We deliver monthly payments and financial reports, no matter the amount on your preferred payment method - PayPal or a bank account. You get paid quickly and easily, every time.

Can Sakib Rafsan Records help me get banners or playlist placements on DSPs?

Our integrated, custom Feature Pitch service enables you to send your marketing pitch to the most prominent music stores. With this functionality, you can secure valuable features, banners, and playlist placement on platforms like Apple Music, Beatport, Spotify, Traxsource, Deezer, etc., and enable countless fans to discover your music - anytime and anywhere.

Can Sakib Rafsan Records help me start my own distribution?

Yes! Sakib Rafsan Records offers the premium service of starting your sub-distribution journey with the help of our advanced infrastructure. Focus your time and energy on selecting the labels you want to work with, choosing your deals with them and simply using our platform as a tool for success. For more information, reach out to our team; we'd love to hear from you.

Is there an option to create a landing page for my new release?

Absolutely! Sakib Rafsan Records has one of the most advanced landing page tools embedded within the platform, and most importantly - it's free to use. With the help of Music Link, create simple, sleek-looking landing pages enabling your artists and labels to promote their releases by sharing a unique URL with links to the most prominent music stores worldwide.